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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Holographic Truths: Clarion Call

At this time, on planet earth, there are so many energetic changes and forces which underpin our reality. People are wakening up to different senses and awarenesses, and others are forced to come out of a security foundation of which they had diligently relied upon.

We must be flexible, as things do not and cannot stay the same.

When I opened this web site up roughly 9 years ago, I had named it 'Indigo & the angels: coming out of the spiritual closet', for, at that time, I had a deep urge to share my awakening path with others who may be on the same path - but hadn't reached the moment in themselves of acknowledging their new reality as truth.

I named it coming out of the spiritual closet because I had no other terminology for what was happening to me. I had no real dialogue with anyone in real life of which to share the exact communications which were occurring to me on a daily basis, by beings who would feel to me as if they were angels.

Recently, I have taken a hiatus from writing online, and instead have progressed in my own inner world for some humbling and interesting shifts and changes. I have observed the way people can meet a limit within themselves, to ensure they are firmly bolted in a material world. Even when they are wakening into another reality, bit by tiny bit and piece by tiny piece - perhaps there is no one to share with for fear of sounding crazy? The thing I have noticed is this: When you find a level of truth within yourself, you are kidding yourself on if you do not support that truth in your daily life. I can see the way that people refuse to look at their own pain and trauma, instead opting for some mind numbing in order to retain a status quo of life 'comforts.' Isn't it easier to use alcohol to relax, than it is to find alternative ways of staying completely lucid, and working your way through the journey? Can you imagine what it might look like if you took back your own control of your own life, as much as you are able, and give your gifts to those in your life? Are you aware that having a human body on earth is actually one of the most coveted things in the galaxy? If you knew that, you would enlist your own inner support team more often. You would look after it, you would be grateful.

A truth is, that many lightworkers, starseeds and crystals aka spiritual path seekers are being kept from knowing of their true origins by the game played here in society. The game of - it's OK to hide who you are, no one would ever believe you anyway so come on stuff your pain down deeper and let's get back to night clubbing, drugs and alcohol. The other side of that coin is the keeping yourself in your own prison of belief systems and attempting to deal with huge painful circumstances by acting as society expects you should. The trouble with that one is, that's a short cliff path to a long fall, and a painful one in the process.

'No, God, I didn't get done what I said I would because I found the pressures of daily life too much when I got to earth and to be honest with you that White Zinfandel is much more addictive than I first realised, and no one told me how to look after my energy so I just went with it, and I am a great dancer when I get a wine in me. AND by the way mate - what's this with sending the spirit guides every night, they didn't half keep me off my sleep this lifetime! Don't worry I just told them where to go. I've got no interest in that foolishness'.

It's ironic that when you start to realise your awareness of reality is much, much different than before - that when you share with your own friends, they start to question your sanity. I am wondering if you are reading this right now, and you feel you cannot express your reality to your family using your own truth because they would 'label' you as crazy? But, it's OK to talk about Angels, because angels are fluffy and help us get things in life we need. Or if you want to speak to passed on loved ones, and bring their messages through. These are helpful modalities indeed, but yet there are so many other ways in which you can work with spirit (within yourself and others, and spirit without a body) in order to support the shifts we are aiming towards on earth.

Over the last many years of my life, things for me and my perceptions of what 'reality' truly is have shifted vastly, in order that I learn and understand how to decode our reality. Each of us is accessing and decoding a different individual version of reality. That's why it is quite difficult to have it written and understood by many. I guess it's akin to living in the Matrix, but we are unable to see that because we are kept like Zombies in routines and controlling mechanisms which keep us blocked from accessing our true spiritual nature.

So I guess, it becomes a game of finding your own truth, and holding yourself accountable to finding that out with all of your heart.

I am recalling in a kind of fond way, in which beings would just drop into my livingroom a number of years ago, to tell me things about myself, in a way that I needed to know what I was doing here, on earth.

'Hi, Mum. Yeah, those beings called the white brotherhood came to visit me again last night. No, they didn't have bodies Mum...They were here to tell me something I needed to know....'

When you get this type of visitation it's quite difficult to deny their existence. Can you imagine that they had travelled a million light years just to send a code, and when they got here I had just not acknowledged their presence, - especially since earth dimensions are so dense, and they were literally using their last lithium Crystal in which to contact me? Can you? This story ends well. You see, I couldn't ignore the communication I was having with these beings or other beings who just happened to pop in to wake me up.

'We came like you asked us to. Yes, in the year 2525, just like we agreed. We have travelled by hook and by crook to get to you. Here is the piece of code you need in order to help the world, like you asked us to......'

Literally wake me up to remember. It's the reason this website exists, to support others who think they are losing a sense of reality, and to prove - you are not. Not everyone who is on this path is running about the mountain trying to solve the Mt Chiliad mystery, with their flowing capes and helicopters.

Working with Guides
I've met with people who do exactly what their spirit guides instruct them to do, and will not veer off the path of that. I have met people who have said - oh my guide is telling me they are not happy with the healing work you are doing to me. If you have a guide - why would you ever think that the guide knows more about anything than you do? I have been tricked by guides who would present themselves to me as a certain 'being' and it turns out, they were not that 'being' they were sent to keep me from seeing the truth. So, if you have a guide, you can have a great relationship with the guide - but you should also learn to know your OWN mind, as the guide should never wish to override your thoughts, should never ask to enter your body to channel, should never 'tell' you what to do.

Once you know this, your guides can work in co-partnership with you, and they will ultimately respect your own inner guidance over any guidance that they offer you with. Although Guides are a nice introduction to the spirit world, they do NOT have ownership over you. You must retain a boundary between you. If you are becoming 'dependant' on your guide, (oh, I can't do that until my guide tells me it's OK) then you must ask yourself - what are you getting from this arrangement/friendship? Know thy boundaries. You come first. The reason is this - if you are relying on another being or person outwith yourself, then you are not learning to trust yourself and your own power. Sure, some guides are helpful, but not all are. Guides can support you in your own life, but you also have to support yourself and realise something: guides are not more powerful than you are.

Figuring out your life purpose
Everything you have ever done is part of your own life purpose. Whether or not you believe it. I'd say following a truthful heart path is one of the only ways in which you can find yourself and you have to be honest with yourself. When you dig down and face up to all of your seeming bad points, all of your good points you are finding out what you are made from. From that point, it will be harder for others to manipulate you, and you will know your own mind better than before. This is the important part. It means trying your best to do good in every situation, and not telling lies in any situation. It means, deciding not to manipulate another person to obtain the outcome you want to achieve - no matter what. No matter if you are aware that they are trying to manipulate you. Playing in this energy is like inviting imposters and tricksters into your own energy field - yet, you might not see them for what they are - because you are the same as they are.

Life purposes for spiritual path followers are varied and can change and shift through consciousness absorption from ones own energy fields in higher dimensions. What keeps us from knowing our life purpose, is that we are mind wiped upon entry into planet earth into a human body. We must try to regain knowledge through experiences and reading, and then this triggers a knowing deep in our hearts.

Waking up to the wider cause, Close Encounters
Did you ever have a friend who said that ET beings had visited her in the night and you just didn't believe her because there's no way that could be true? Let me be that friend. The way it's all portayed in movies is really just another way to code it in our minds how scary all that stuff is. Did you ever have a friend who hunted UFOs in order to make contact with them, cos it seemed like fun? Maybe that person was you. We deny the existence of things because our eyes can't just 'see' them.
Not everything that exists can be decoded and 'seen' by the human eye. But, many things can be. We vibrate in different frequency spectrums that other lifeforms exist within, we are sharing the space without always the clarity of understanding to know this.

There are just as many ET agendas as there are human ones, and until we come together to speak about our awareness as spiritual humans, everything will remain hidden and underground and the generations of our kids who have come as starseeds to this planet in order to shift consciousness might repeat the same cycles because they had no real role models to talk it all through with. We have UFO groups on facebook, we have people who had experiences, we have people talking about implants and we have some who are terrified, and all of the above is reality. Each of us is accessing different frequencies of energy which make up OUR OWN VERSION of reality, therefore when I saw an ET in my bedroom standing over me, it didn't mean anyone else could see that too.

Why would some of us have this part in our reality? and not others?
Why do so many people hide their knowledge of the beings from other races and planets?

Altered realities
I am reckoning that when one speaks of intergalactic beings as visitors into the home space, that it seems a bit too out there, and in honesty - a bit too scary for some. Many people are not given the information that they actually have themselves sourced consciousness's from other planets and decided to come to earth to help earth and inhabitants out a bit. You can see why, can't you? Lots of individuals channel archangels, what if they were actually ET beings too? Parts of the world are having wake ups, and other parts are not having that much. What if you were an ET but you just had a human body this time round and your space start family was coming to give you a hug but you got too scared and shut yourself down into this reality again?

Heart Consciousness and above
The best thing that ever happened was to feel true love as a frequency. Best felt when the heart is truly open.
How would we know if our heart was not open? Hearts get closed for any number of reasons, but the biggest reason I can think of is the shut down that happens when we are not able to do the thing that we feel deep inside, and we start to begin shutting off the heart connection to ourselves, and then to others around us. A deep frustration can build up slowly over many years, and then we can find ourselves unwilling to be open to anyone or anything, feeling more safe in our hidden walls which we carefully place around us in order to retain our position in life. We feel love frequencies in different stages, and it feels different as we work with different energies in our own bodies. Can you imagine waking up one morning and knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that you were connected to every living thing in the whole world, and that you could feel it in your bones?

Having a happy heart doesn't mean that life is all rosy and sweet every moment of every day - but it means your capacity to feel love, and to let it flow to every person you meet, it's available. Love is often confused with desire or a sexual interaction request, when that could not be further from the truth. Imagine when you embraced your own spiritual quest for truth and where did I come from, why am I here questions, that this is a direct hotline to opening up more of your luminous broadband fibres of heart-hugs and love, for all of our fellow humans and beings on earth? And, not forgetting our star family, they can see that love shining brightly from your home planet where they patiently await your return.

Help! My friends think I am from another planet
So, your friends figured it out before you did, huh? I am sure you had to live and still live with different awarenesses about reality and you don't quite feel safe enough to share that info with anyone, and the main cause is you are terrified of being judged, and people might actual not speak to you again, keep their child from speaking to you because you are so crazy with that secret magic power, and you just know that you should keep it all to yourself this time around.

Well, you know what? The reason that we are in this mess on earth is with people keeping stuff to themselves and going hidden in the depths of their own little groups and trying to out do each other with different methods of the greatest thing you have ever tried, and all that jazz. If you are struggling with this, or you have in depth spiritual knowledge, or you are actively being attacked in the nighttime for your etheric travel work except it is manifesting as crazy anxiety attacks and drainage of life force energy from your body and your dreams are crazy and you do not know how to cope - RELAX. You are not alone, and you are just going through some dark arts training, until you can learn and understand how to get your own energy into balance, and let me share with you a great technique in which you can do that.

Command your own space (your lightbody, your house, your home here on earth)
Many of us are taught to ground with white light which we bring down into our crown chakra. I do not advise this method of 'grounding'. Here is my method, and it builds, it builds and it builds, and it stabilises over time into a very safe and secure area of which to live and be, and you take it with you anywhere you go, it's your lightbody.
If you ever felt woozy or very light headed during energy work giving or receiving, I would ask you to stop what you are doing and attempt to understand what is going on. You are in control and sole charge of your own life force energies, but we didn't get the manual of how to secure our own boundaries. Astral energies feel heavy and bliss like, and these are not natural organic life force energies. More often than not, these are energies which are attempting to feed from your light, and you want to stop that at all costs - otherwise you will be a blissed out mess and will avoid dealing with any painful stuff that you find yourself having to deal with in life. You will be stuck in a weird place of thinking everything is love and light, and it's actually not that when you look around you in real life.

My method comes from working with the own light of your own lightbody in higher dimensions. Everyone has this, but they do not know that it exists, as it has been hidden. When you don't know something exists you cannot connect with it, much like that 12th dimensional aspect of your own individual soul. It's waiting up there for you to say Hii, and if you haven't done that yet, so now is the time. When you connect with your own 12th Dimensional layer, you are saying 'I connect with the highest aspect of my soul, and you are inviting that energy source to become more readily available to your physical human body', it also builds layers and levels in your own spiritual bodies that allows you to become more resilient to psychic attack. Here is the link to the video, in which Lisa Renee describes the full process. I recommend you follow this at least twice per day, and you will begin to feel differently in a very positive way. You won't feel blissed out with astral heaviness, and you will know better which thing is right for you in life and which is not.

This method supports you to build your own lightbody, which becomes a structured part of your existence here on earth, and opens you up into higher levels of intuition and knowingness. As you work with this shielding process, you can then use it in your own home (for it is a part of your energy) that you build like a container, and it becomes a quiet space without beings passing through to eat a piece of your light today.

12D Shield - Lisa Renee

So that's it for today. I hope you are doing well on your path, if you are years on the path or just starting out to become more aware of what is actually going on here in your own reality. Perhaps none of this is in your reality, and that's OK. As I said - each of us is doing our own quantum leaping into our own realities, and these cannot be compared to anyone else's reality. If you require support in your shifting reality or awareness I offer an energy healing service in which I can read your soul energy and support you in becoming more clearer on your own path here. We are here to support earth in the ever shifting, ever changing ways that are required of now. This is what the ascension process is really about, and we need to step into our highest ability that supports us to carry out our life missions for that cause, in the best way that we can.

If we refuse to follow our heart path, then a path will be laid out before us. We can pave the tiny steps and take a long time, or we can pave slightly larger and braver steps and reach a level of integration in perfect time. You will find out, that you will be supported in ways that you never thought were possible, and you can drop the fear from your lightbody in order to support you in your highest expression here on earth. You don't have to write about it online though, but rest assured someone will, and you will be supported via that method also.

With much Love, support and understanding,


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Holographic Truths: Manipulation Part I

There's something so insidious about something so insidious. Except, when we are aware of just how insidious it is, then we can choose to express ourselves in a different way. Even the most subtle of choices and agendas can be fraught with something like a little peppering of this parasitic manoeuvre, and once we have played through the various layers of the game: We can choose not to play anymore.

What once was a currency of decision making, moulding and subservience in hierarchical levels: something better is better to choose and doesn't come with such a karmic backlash. Or, Karmic superimposition onto our very souls.

Shortish video, of part I on manipulation. What will you choose to allow to be expressed through your body, this lifetime?


Monday, 28 March 2016

Insular Polarities: Neutralise, Energise

The very nature of our existence is defined within thought forms, both personal and collective. Our bodies are the most amazing pieces of God-Tech ever known, yet many without the owners manual veer off course before their souls hook up in alignment and show the way for how it is best embodied. Providing, at least, some comfort through dark terrain and keeping that flame ignited in the heart, the heart that knows: there is so much more, keep on, keep on going.

Searching for answers keeps us on a path, searching or wishing for particular desires to come to reality, or for life to 'turn out how we want it to' keeps us subtley and insidiously off-track, and in energy terms, it keeps us locked into artifical constructs of societal 'desires' for your best life ever.
What is this? that many search for, yet cannot find? What is this that keeps the average person locked into a reality that is not of their own choosing? Why do some seem to get all the tough lessons, and other's it's plain sailing (at least from the outsider looking in)?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Holographic Truths: Releasing Archetypes

I've just named this post titled Releasing Archetypes. However in today's age, it might have been better to name it Archetypes Integration. When we integrate something, we can neutralise it back to source. This is definitely a freeing ability indeed. There are many Archetypes playing out in the fields, though, so we might be quite busy.

There are so many expressions of consciousness, and so many different labels that we can attribute to our phases and transitions. In any given moment we may have identified with a particular teaching, or a particular 'label', and even in the most granular description or depiction of label, some of that content of description doesn't depict just how many overlays, overtones and underneath all of our harmonics - the base structure that holds us together. Words somehow, even though the context in which we can mould and bend them, still don't fuse together the depth of who we are. Really.

In certain functions, and times and spaces, we are allowed to glimpse into what makes us even more than we can see, taste, touch, imagine or feel.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Holographic Truths: Lightbody Building

As an individual person, perhaps on the spiritual path or the ascension path, or knowing your starseed roots; reclaiming your energy and building your spiritual house back to a balanced state is part of the plan. It takes real dedication to your own source power to assist you in building that spiritual house back to build your lightbody into all the other dimensions of which you exist. It doesn't happen in a linear fashion, because we are spherical like the planet earth. Therefore, even when we think about a linear 1 to  to 3 etc, when we awaken our request to know our souls or creator even more than we do: we awaken parts of us in the other dimensions where the other parts of our architecture reside, just waiting to be called up and reclaimed into the pure light of our souls through all dimensions, and residing anchored here in the physical. 

For many starseeds on earth, there is a deep pain in our hearts and minds and bodies and souls, when we feel utterly disconnected and completely misunderstood here. It's like being dropped into disconnection. The way I have seen it is that we have chosen to come back to earth to re-connect earth to the higher spiritual bodies that reside as higher structures in the higher frequencies all the way back to the one source of creation the Trinity God Head. As we each build our own lightbodies, we also build Earth's lightbodies, because we are like cells on the earth body. Anchor points on the grid. We don't have trinity wave here on earth, it has to be reached and anchored back here in our physical/etheric bodies. We are the channels. We are the anchors. We are conduits.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Insular Polarities: What if I feel drained during reiki or other energy healing?

Hi team! Long time no speak ;)

I've been hiding in my own spiritual closet, integrating more and more and more, and traversing more layers of what's out there in deepest space and all along, bumping up neutrons with my fellow counterparts on this mission strand. Interesting, and trust testing indeed.......

I felt like I should share some of my own perspective on the topic that is this "Oh, you shouldn't really feel exhausted or drained during healing sessions. If you do, then that's not right." Followed by a deep breath and strange look from someone who has never felt tired giving Reiki in their whole life. Kind of sets you up for a mission failure badge to add to your collection then, huh? Just what every aspiring lightworker on the path really needs. Negative-ego-undermining implants. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Copyright or ownership of spiritual knowledge........

Copyright or ownership of spiritual knowledge....splitter divisions including superior or inferior thoughts.

For your consideration if it resonates :)

I was speaking with someone a few weeks who said they didn't feel right sharing some of the things I'd 'taught' them, because it was 'my' teaching. So I had to say there's no 'owner' of spiritual knowledge, but only the lenses of perception in which we currently find ourselves. Can any of us really own anything? Can we own 'knowledge' that comes from the great giant one in the sky, directly to our own person? So, there is nothing that I would share or teach that hasn't come from my direct experience, from my perceptions, else, I'd be an imposter. That's not my vibe. Also noting, that if what I had passed on in my 'teaching' had assisted someone out there - then come on sister! Share it, share it for all! We are done with the whole with holding of information and copyrighting of energies that cannot actually be 'copyrighted!'.

Does the sunshine have a copyright on it, for right use?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Holographic Truths: Ascension Partners I

Hey everyone,

How's the energetic weather where you are? I've been slightly absent online this year, pretty much like last year. So please forgive me while I send out the words here as best I can. I held a few 'ascension' classes from my perspective, here in my locality; in an attempt to convey in real life terms exactly what the path of ascension for us humans *might* encompass. #ascensionclassmystyle
The situations and encounters we find ourselves in are far reaching and changeable, if only we would learn to navigate these stormy, sometimes beautiful waters with grace and breath. It's not all sweetness and light, but the effort you make to dedicating yourself to your highest soul expression sure does assist. You can be sure your soul and the creator have a wild ride for you, even when you are on the brink of your own limits, your expansion shows up and guides you gently into the way. When you least expect it.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Dear Angels: Why I stopped using you

When we are sampling the experience spectrum-delicacies of life, wouldn't it be boring if we just stuck to the same old stuff all the time? A bit like never growing beyond your current perspective, or not believing that you are a pure consciousness that spans the galaxy wide when you aren't in your earth body.

Everything on my website is truth from my own perspective, through direct experiences that I have had. Many of these led me to a greater and a deeper understanding, and one which cannot be conveyed in words to others on the path, we have to feel and experience for ourselves.

I have not been writing on here as often as I once did. Many reasons for that, but least of all is that I have been undergoing some expansion, growth, training and inner healing work. On a large scale. So, I apologise if you were becoming a regular reader and where did I drop off to, exactly?

What I will write today may have the power to ask you to question yourself. You will probably also question me, or my motives or why I am stating this stuff online.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Discernment with spiritual guidance...intuition shifts

Hi how are you doing today?

Here's something for you to ponder. If you are embodying your own intuition and are always being asked to assist others in this capacity: maybe you are enabling them not to contact their own inner guidance systems? Perhaps you need to focus your attention strongly on your own path? For your own guidance?

In the following video, I discuss my journey on how intuition perception changes, can be manipulated and why we are all on different strands of the path and why what YOU think or resonate with in any spiritual guidance is always paramount.

One thing I missed from my off the cuff blethers in this video, is that when I visited a reader once upon a time, I was being given specific guidance from spirit through this reader. However, when I offered up what that guidance meant for me in my heart: the reader said 'no - that's not what it means for me, so always take my meaning for it'. I left slightly disappointed, but then realised: we can each only interpret at whatever levels or meanings we have - and if I am able to jigsaw puzzle what the true meaning for me was (and how I had actually interpreted the meanings) then I was better off having two people (the reader and I) give it their best shot. But, again, realising: I am my own best source for guidance, even when I require others to give me some messages. As will most likely be the same for you.

Don't get hung up on what you've been told. I have known people to let life pass them by, just because a 'fortune teller' told them that the man of their dreams had dark hair. mmhhhm. Or, that they had to be fearful if they ever saw the colour silver in a person.

So.....with that aside......
Shields up! Opinions for your consideration *slightly muffled sound for the first part*
1. Constantly providing your intuition for others enables them to not use their own. You are enabling them to rely on you, instead of finding their own soul and own heart
2. Intuitive senses can be manipulated
3. Don't get hung up on spiritual guidance, energies ALWAYS change
4. Your intuition will change, finding your own truth vibe
5. Dreams are Sooooooo important

link to youtube video discernment with spiritual guidance

With much love,
keep up the great work on your own inner path......the path to your own truth xxx


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Seasons Greetings! 2014 You have been........

Dear readers (sparklefriends),

When I started my site I had no idea. I had no idea what was in store for me on my path, but I jumped on it anyway. I decided to share from my heart in the thought that; perhaps one other person out there might just think - you know what? Yeah. I get it too. So with wild abandon, I still feel like writing, even though my words are sometimes made up and don't translate purely to the other languages. I know, you will feel it in your giant heart radar with your divine sparkleness.

So, anyways. It's not just at this time of year that we might feel happy or sad, but in a time of family focus, it can also serve as such a reflective time upon what the last year and moments of the fleeting kind can really and truly mean to us. In each moment you are always accessing your own universe, if it is your intention to do so. (did you switch your TV off yet? home and away will still be there!)

In many cases I attempt to add some humour into my writings, but it's not so much to ensure that there is some: it's that I see the humour in many situations and attempt to convey this crazy and somewhat daunting path as a human on an ascending planet at this time. We can really go to some depths of sadness, but equally so in some cases we can achieve the depths of happiness; and often either of these spectrum pieces appear in ways contrary to how we may accept or would like them to appear or feature in our lives.

I have done so much introspection this year, and I am sure that you have too. My best hermit impression yet. Whilst speaking with a dear soul mate it was exchanged that a lot of 'letting go' has occurred in many ways, and from my perspective it's letting go that is the hardest thing of all to do. Especially when things just don't seem to work out they way we want, and we want so much for it to all just get better. If we could only hold on a bit longer to ensure a change is made. When we put our trust in our higher power, all is taken care of in ways we haven't even considered possible. And, again, letting go has the power to allow that space to usher in and support us.

Then, there's the soul mate maddies who turn up when you least expect it, and all you can do is stare in awe (yeah, ok, sorry that's the starey eyed look I get when I am processing that it's REAL) that someone else speaks your light codes!!!! Oh god! Thank you for sending support teams invisible and visible to surround us. Thank god. Honestly, I've said it before, and I will say it again and I say thank you so much for incarnating on the planet with me at this time. If there was anything to be truly grateful for: its knowing there is SO MUCH MORE! than is portrayed in the matrix. SO MUCH MORE! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In my life this year I've been keeping extra quiet (well....in some ways!) and have done a lot of self observation. In my videos I took a leap to just attempt to convey some of my direct experiences via the youtube medium instead of my writing. I had to face up to what I thought about seeing myself conveying some kind of me-speak - but in the end, I got over my fears and thought- what the freak am I here for then, if I can't share openly and honestly?

The grateful part of me, I am so honoured to be here and to be being myself. My real self, for those who will honour that in all others that they meet. I've been blessed to witness those who do not peer through ego-tinted lenses and project their 'stuff' onto others. Those who know their own inner presence, and nothing diminishes it; only enhances it for all the world to see and know, and to hold the love vibration in their every word, look and exchange.

For those who will show their vulnerabilities without the fear of rejection. Those who live in their love. No matter what.

I am grateful to all those who make up the tiny jigsaw pieces of my life, and those who hold the keys without really knowing that they do. #divinetiming

More gratitude for those who support me in my every moment of life, and those who share my life with me. My partner, my parents, my friends, my soul mate family, my bio family, my invisible cosmic family, my workmates and my most incredible achievement yet.....my son. My beautiful glowing radiant SUN. Who has shown me what no other could.

There have been many layered themes of acceptance and growth. There have also been the hard parts of realising deeper meaning behind and within and without, even when I haven't wanted to understand at levels that I wasn't sure were even real. With all this on board and truly integrated now (again as there seem to be infinite threads of layers), I can be more at peace within myself, and allow for flow to occur on new levels. New friends have entered my life in divine appointment style. Folks I had only dreamt of are coming in! Friends have left my space, and I have left theirs. Sometimes, we need to relinquish control to view from another knowing space. Space can offer so much, and yet, bring it all home to us at the same time.

So, with this, I offer you peace in your own heart and a way to find it: accept the dark and the light in your own self. Judge not another, nor yourself. First Love Yourself. The way you are right now. 

And, in another area of the creation field, my great and crazy rocket of a soul mate Gaar and I, create from our hearts. From our hearts to your hearts:

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Holographic Truths: The digital numbers 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:44 333 444 555 666 etc

I've noticed that my old posting here was receiving some recent reads and I realised something: The numbers mean something, much much different to me now than they did waayyyyy back then. Way back then when time was speeding up no end, and my life was a vast series of huge synchronicities in a hugely undeniable fashion.

So, let's let a little light in then, shall we? I am long overdue keeping up with my writings in a timely fashion. 

I'll let you into a little secret. Depending on who your support team are, is dependant on what the numbers might mean for you. At this current moment in your existence. Depending on who you are communicating with or what your wake up codes are, is what you might notice from the numbers.

For me, there was a no denying time period in 2007-2008 whereby every single thing I did I was seeing 333 everywhere. When I say everywhere - it was like reading some mathematical quiz in the fabric of the coded matrix, but someone forgot to give me a public/private key to read it.....So, I merely observed. And, I observed with keen fervour and wondered just what was taking place in my reality that would allow me to see something I'd never noticed before? the numbers.....I can laugh now, since I am pretty sure the invisible support teams would be like - yeah just please, come onnnnn, look over here! We lined up all the cars with treble number sequences just so you will wake the darn up!!!! Come on....Wake Up! We are waiting on you! Catch the freakin signs mannnn! ["jeeez, this being a guide for humans is SOOOO overrated! they can't even notice the basics sometimes...."]

And, so I did. I paid attention. Hard not to when every file you save has 333kbs, and your mailbox has 333 unread items, and the phone number of your best friend's landline contains 888, and every car you seem to be behind or tracking.....just happens to have a treble number code on it. 

One journey I recall was paying my respects to my Dad via a nice wee drive to one of his favourite places. During that journey, I was being shown that everyone on the road that day (on my road journey) and not just there, but back also - yes, everyone in south lanarkshire that could own a car (bus....taxi...etc) with a treble number in the license plate was out that day also. They even brought themselves out with their private car plates to show my initials and combinations of my surname in many cars that day. The truman show, anyone? Honestly. I couldn't make this stuff up, even if I tried. 

No one was ever going to call into question my observation skills. Ohhhh nooo. My observations were amazing. Or, perhaps I was drowning in the millions of signs via numbers during every waking moment. 

So, I did what any diligent newbie awakener would do- I found the angel numbers book, and I read. Every time I read a number, I was gratified in the knowledge that I had now found an answer to what angels had been trying to tell me all this time. That 444 meant that they were all around me. 

But. What. If, I just thought it was angels, cos everyone else on the planet was speaking about them - and I just decided that yes, mine must be from angels too, right? Huh? Yes, because of course, I was conversing with them every day and all of that jazz. 

Moving on. 

So, as I moved along my path I began to become more, shall we say 'discerning' with my communications and ask for specifics and not just run to the angel number book. I realised that these numbers might actually be something else, and with my waning communications with angels (my choice, but more on that for another day and it's nothing sinister) I wanted to understand with more clarity just what I was meant to know from these numerical signs. 

As a child I went through a period of counting everything in sight. I'd count things, count them backwards, make sure I'd counted every floor tile at the dentist. Note the patterns in objects and count them. Note people in a room and count them too. Count my teeth, check out some algebra and count that too. I realise now also, that the number patterns are everywhere, within everything and people also. Then reading music. I actually hated to count the beat value of the notes I was seeing in front of me. I never did it. I just sight read the music, and it came out. I astounded one piano teacher when I was in my 20's who came to the house and asked me to sight read a piece. I just did it, no counting, no foot tapping, just did it. He was impressed. I didn't really know what he was going on about, it was just something I could do. Nothing fancy. Might not be able to do that still, however.....

So, anyways. As I have moved along my journey and as I understood some 12 parts of my soul being present with me (some on that here)  as in a multi-dimensional existence, but in the right here and NOW space where I was more than aware of this: I understood the numbers to begin to mean something else. 

It was easy for me to accept all those years ago that I was speaking with angels, and thus they must also use the Doreen Angel Numbers guide to allow me to interpret what they were telling me. 

(That beloved book is on a bookshelf somewhere, where I no longer feel the need to check it out to get the answers, but it did support me for a long time) 

This is where I want to say that it's up to you to decide the language in which you will speak or sign with your support teams.  

When you understand that there are vast amounts of beings in the other vibrational levels then you will know that all your communications may not be coming from just one source. Even when you think it is. For example, there was that time that my Dad was sending me signs and messages and I was noticing them, and being grateful for them - but I was attributing these specific signs from angels. My poor Dad, standing in another vibration and probably shaking his head saying something along the lines of 'For Goodness' sake Mhairi! It's MEEEEEE. Not the angels!!!!' and then, when it dawned on me - I said apologies for misinterpreting and thanks for making my day once more with the special signs that only a Dad can send his daughter. 

If you are only beginning to see the numbers or notice them, I'd like to validate that you are not going crazy. No one has hacked the coding of your matrix point to drive you off course. I urge you to pay attention, and then get inside your heart space during meditation. 

1. Get inside your heart during meditation, and ask sincerely what a particular sign/number means.
2. Set your energy space during sleep time to shield and learn what the codes are telling you
3. Ask your ascension support teams to guide you to other sources in your awareness until you realise what the number code or sign means for you
4. Ask if you need to know on a conscious level what the numbers are meaning
5. Relax
6. Breathe
7. Figure out what's happening in your life when you start to notice codes: have you been seeing the sequences during changes or shifts in your own life? How would you perceive the shift? correlating to what numbers you are currently witnessing? 
8. On your ascension/spiritual path, are you working through something that you are consciously aware of? 
9. Observe, observe, observe. When you need to know, you will.
10. Keep an open mind. One person's light codes with interpretations are not the same as anothers.

Work out your own signs, and numbers if you feel called to do so. 

Let me tell you a little story about my observations on my path, and it's not so much to do with the numbers...but it should still serve a purpose.......
Once upon a time I realised via my energy work I could see inside people like a microscope. I wasn't always sure of what I was seeing, but on some levels I was. I would know medical terms and I would see like a lens inside and I would also perhaps see energy moving and what this looked like. I am laughing now, since a jovial taunt from one of my 'friends' was that I thought of myself as some kind of Doctor. It was one of those cheeky observations by friends, who don't really have any meaning behind their words. Fast forward to me realising this skillset, and it makes sense. So, on my journey and observations with clients I would begin to understand what I was seeing and know what it was. Some things would be validated later on by those clients seeing doctors, and sometimes a while later they would actually be diagnosed via a series of tests or scans that would prove what I'd seen/felt had been accurate. Sometimes these clients wouldn't get scans or validation via the medical teams until many months later. 

I just allowed myself to continue on with my own patterning, and my own understanding of what I was sensing/seeing or feeling inside the client's body. 

One day, I decided to read another medical intuitive's book who said that every time you see an organ with i.e 'brown' in it, it meant they had a specific issue with that organ. But, my lesson here is that - that's not the colour or code that I was using with my own intuitions, it was a different 'map key'. So, my guide team thought since I took an interest in this other person's work that they would show me in those terms also. This is where confusion set in just a little. I decided to go with MY OWN original keys or maps or signs, as these had served me well up until that time. Sure, I could incorporate some unknown items into my appendix, but, first and foremost the way I was seeing things first was right for me. 

You might check in and see pink and you know what that means to you - but I may see the same issue/condition as a different colour, and thus - we would both be right, but with different codes/signs/keys to the map. 

The point I attempt to convey is this: your codes are for you. Your numbers are for you. You probably hold different codes and energies from your friends, but it doesn't mean you will receive the answers from how *they* interpret their own guidance. Your signs via the numbers could change and different points in your life, depending on where your knowledge or attention is at any given moment. 

I've said it before and I will say it again: go inside. Books can help give a frame of reference, people can assist also but the best case studies you can experience are your own. Check out your own internal radar first. Ask yourself first. You have all the tools within you. 

With love, and 12:12, 
Mhairi x